Organisation, Sortierung, und kundenspezifische Anpassung Ihres Zazzle Shops 

Die Kategorie-Sortierung und das Durchsuchen eines Shops sind Funktionen, die Kunden dabei helfen, Zazzle Shops leichter zu navigieren, einfacher einzukaufen und für Verkäufer, um ihre Artikel besser zu bewerben. Wie funktioniert das?


Was kann ein Shop-Inhaber machen?

  • Ein Shop-Inhaber kann die Darstellungsreihenfolge aller Kategorien und Produkte innerhalb seines Shops einstellen.
  • Ein Shop-Inhaber kann Bilder hochladen, um eine beliebige Kategorie im Shop darzustellen, oder ein Standard-Bild von Zazzle nutzen.
  • Shops können eingestellt werden, eine scrollbare Liste der Kategorien, oder die gesamt vollständige Liste der Kategorien darzustellen.
  • Dem Kunden die Möglichkeit geben, Produkte in einem Shop nach "Neuste", "Beliebt", "A-Z", und "Z-A", "Meiste Ansichten", "Meiste Kommentare" und "Meiste Likes" zu sortieren.


Store Owners now have the power to fine tune their store experience to their liking. In the past, stores had the ability to create Categories of products (formerly known as "Product Lines"). These categories usually contained products centered on a theme ("Holidays" or "Animals") or a specific design ("Robot Evolution" or "Don't Tase Me, Bro").

With Store Category Sorting and Browsing, the Store Owner can now brand each Category with a unique icon that represents the content within that category. For example, it is now possible for a store to contain a grid of category icons like this:





...or to showcase categories as a scrollable row of icons, as these two examples show:






Clicking on any one of those icons would take you to that category within that store. It's important to note that although categories are similar to folders on a computer, they behave slightly differently in that each category displays all products contained within it AS WELL AS all products within each sub-category. For example, a category called "Animals" may have sub-categories named "Cats" and "Dogs". When you view the "Animals" category, all cat and dog products will be shown, as well as any products in the "Animals" category itself, but when you view the "Cats" category, only cat products will show.



How to Set Up a New Category with Custom Icon

Go to your Public Products page and click on "Add new category" on the left side of the page.



A dialog appears where you can enter the Category name, description, and assign an icon.


Click on the "Change" link under the folder icon to use an icon you created (Square, 158 x 158 pixel images work best. The final image will automatically be squared.) In this example, I added an image of puppies to a new category called "Puppies.":


Click "Done" and your new Category is created!




How to Sort Products within a Category

Of course, creating categories and changing their icons is just the beginning. Once you have added products to a category, you can now easily sort them in whatever order you want them to appear in!


Basic Sorts

A set of basic sorts are available for each product category in your store. These include Newest, Popular, Alphabetical, and Reverse Alphabetical, Views, Comments and Likes. Select these from the dropdown within the category.





Custom Drag and Drop Sorting

Products in a category are draggable only if the category is a sub-category. You can easily drag and drop a product from one position to another. The drop zone is marked by a red line between products.

Start a drag by positioning your mouse pointer on top of a product image, click and hold, then drag over other products. The product you are dragging becomes faded to show that it's being dragged. When your mouse moves between products, a thick red line appears indicating a drop zone. This means you can then let go of the mouse button and drop the product in that position.





Setting the Sort Order for the Store

Once you have defined a custom sort, or decided on one of the basic sorts, you will have to specifically set the sort of the selected category to use one of your sorts, or to use the store's default sort.


If you don't change anything, the store's default sort is used (see below).



Default Store Product Sort Order

Many times, it is not necessary or desirable to sort each Category separately. Usually, all categories within a store contain the same sort order, be it Alphabetical, Newest, or Popular.

To set your store's default product sort order, go to your store's "Edit Content" page and select a default sort from the dropdown:



All categories that have not been set to use a specific sort will use this as the default sort. The choices are Alphabetical, Newest, or Popular.

Also, be sure to read  <rn:answer_xref contents="How to Configure What Shows in Your Store" answer_id="853" />.


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