Posting for Sale in the New Marketplace Department Tree

You can now link your designs to specific product categories when posting an item for sale. This change will enable customers to browse for products based on the occasion or intent of the content, making your designs easier to find within our marketplace and improving our overall SEO and search.


When Zazzle first started, we offered just a few products – posters, t-shirts and such. As we grew, we continued to add new offerings without re-calibrating how a products use may evolve. As you know, a greeting card can be created and used for several purposes: it can be a wedding invite, a birth announcement or as a sweet sixteen card. The same for business cards; they can be used as intended or they can be re-purposed as loyalty cards, rewards cards or even place and table cards.


Going forward, we’re going to let you do a deep dive on all the different ways a product can be used and let you choose the specific category that customers will most likely use to search and find your products. When a customer shops online, they’re not shopping for a greeting card based on size or orientation; they’re shopping by specific content. That customer is putting in the most direct search terms they can think of to hone in on what they’re looking for – e.g. 50th birthday, 4th of July BBQ, etc.


Now, instead of appearing in this big sea of cards all thrown together, you can help your card surface by adding greater segmentation to where your product appears. This ability to ‘drill down’ now lets your product be the ‘big fish in the small pond’ so people find it easier.


As you can see from the postcard example below, there are now several niche categories to choose from. Postcards have 61 different use cases we’ve been able to identify – everything from being used for baptisms and christenings to recipe cards.




Our engineers here at Zazzle have looked at all the different key words you’ve used to describe your products as well as all the different ways that customers have searched for products to create a new, all-inclusive department tree.


If you’ve created a very niche product and you can’t find a category for it, you can always suggest a new one to our team. (See below.) If they see enough traction via customer and designer demand asking for a similar department, they’ll create a new one.



Your product will always automatically appear within the larger, primary default category (e.g. Invitations, Cards & Postage > Postcards), along with the more refined, targeted department selected by you. (See below.)


If you choose not to drill down beyond the primary default department (e.g. Invitations, Cards & Postage > Postcards), that’s fine – your product will be more of a ‘small fish in a big pond,’ while still being searchable within the Zazzle marketplace.


For those of you who are wondering how this department tree refresh will affect your current products, here’s the answer: Our automation system is doing all the work and selectively placing your products within the more niche department based on your product’s metadata. They will also remain within the department’s larger default category.


This new marketplace department tree has been a big, ongoing project for many here at Zazzle, and we hope you like it. We’re confident that customers will find it a better, more efficient way of finding all your great designs and products.