How the ProDesigner Programme Works


Zazzle ProDesigners are the most successful Designers on Zazzle. We are very proud to recognise your accomplishments within the Zazzle Community and we look forward to supporting and accelerating your continued growth and success!

The ProDesigners programme is a FREE, invitation-only ProDesigner benefits programme. As a part of the programme, members will enjoy exclusive benefits aimed at accelerating the growth and success of their business on Zazzle.

Qualifying is easy and based on lifetime earnings - Basic ProDesigners only need to earn $100 to participate!



*Diamond Level members will be personally contacted about their benefits


ProDesigners are categorised into six levels based on their total lifetime earnings from Zazzle's U.S. domain ( Benefits vary for each level. Zazzle calculates eligibility for all levels on a monthly basis. Qualifying members will be notified via email.

All ProDesigner memberships are subject to cancellation if members do not comply with all Zazzle marketplace policies. Silver ProDesigners and above must earn at least $100 from within each calendar year to maintain their ProDesigner status. Instances of Designers no longer qualifying for their current levels will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Any ProDesigner whose status changes will be notified accordingly.

2017 Requirements

Lifetime Earnings














*Diamond Level members will be personally contacted about their benefits