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    Developer Tools

    Zazzle offers two developer tools which can help you drive traffic to Zazzle from your website and earn referrals – the Create-A-Product API tool and the RSS feed tool.

    The Create-A-Product API tool lets you preview the images you create on your personal website on a set of Zazzle products. This tool is great for image editing or creation websites (e.g. avatar generators, logo generators, meme generators, etc.)  For customers, being able to create and/or edit their image on a website and preview it on several Zazzle products right away, makes it easy to see what product(s) fit best with their newly-created image. Learn more about the API tool here.

    RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is an easy way to feed Zazzle products to applications or feature them on a blog or website. For customers, subscribing to an RSS feed allows them to receive updates from that feed via their browser or email without having to manually go to the site. For Zazzle Creators and Associates, the RSS feed allows you to easily integrate Zazzle products onto your blog or website. Learn more about RSS feeds here.