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    Product "Customisation" Explained

    What is Product "Customisation"? 

    When a product is posted for sale, the Creator has the option to allow buyers to customise the product or not. This parameter must be set at the time of posting and cannot be changed afterward. Leaving the product open to customisation will allow customers to change the design content of the item (for their own purchase).

    User customisation of a Creator's products does not impact the design content of the originally posted item. It simply allows for the customer to create a personalised variation of the initial design and still attributes the Royalty for the sale to the original creator.


    When "Customisation" is enabled, users can:

    • Remove Text and/or Images from the design
    • Alter the image size/orientation/placement (using controls provided in the design tool)
    • Alter the text size/orientation/placement/colour/font
    • Change the layering of design elements (adjusting which are "in-front of" or "behind" other elements)
    • Add Text and/or images not included in the original design


    "Customisation" does not include:

    • The ability to download or edit the original image file itself, only to adjust its usage in the design tool
    • The ability to transfer designs from one product to another


    If the Creator chooses to not allow customisation on a design, then other users will be prohibited from customising the product, and the "Customise" button will not appear on the product page when viewed by other users. However, the Creator that posted the design will always be able to access the design pages for products they have posted.

    The term "Customisation" does not refer to the available apparel types for a given design, or to the Product Style Control (which allows Creators to determine what kinds of products are available to have a design applied.) In other words, whether the creator has enabled customisation or not, customers can still change the colour, style and size of the product itself (unless the Product Style Control was restricted by the Creator during the posting process).