Earnings payments to Zazzle Designers

What is included in an earnings payment?

Zazzle.ca (Canada)

Zazzle.co.uk (The UK)

Zazzle.co.nz (New Zealand)

Zazzle.com.au (Australia)

Payment Schedule / When are payments issued?

Each month-long Earnings cycle is followed by 30 days of Clearance before payment of the accrued earnings can take place. After the earnings have cleared the system, they are queued for processing and are dispersed within the next 15 days.

For example: Earnings accrued in April, clear in May and are issued by the middle of June.

april order


May Clear

June Payment


**For more information on how Volume Bonuses are calculated, why and when they are issued, please click the link below:



Adjust Your Payment Settings

The options described in this section explain the various payment settings for your account, which can be can be adjusted on your Payment Settings page.


  1. Choose your method of payment
    • If your account is set to be paid in US Dollars, you may elect to be paid either by Check or PayPal.
    • For currencies other than US Dollars, a payment through PayPal is currently the only available option.
    • You may use any unpaid/cleared earnings balance within your account towards a Zazzle purchase. (more details)
  2. Provide Your Payee & Tax Information

    Information (such as your Name, Address, Phone Number, & Email) is required by law for us to pay you.

    • Accounts that do not have a valid payee name & address & required Tax Information (and/or W-8BEN) will not be processed for payment.
    • All Zazzle Accounts whether personal or business/entity owned are required to provide a tax ID to receive payment and/or proper tax documentation
    • All separate accounts you maintain should reflect the same payee information. Variances in payee information between accounts may result in payment delays.
  3. Set your threshold for payment (Payment Preferences)

    When cleared unpaid earnings in any month reach your account's payment threshold, Zazzle will queue those cleared earnings for payment (based on the schedule listed above).

    1. For monthly earnings payments, the default (and lowest) payment threshold for regular payment is $50.00 for PayPal & $100.00 for payment by check
    2. You may increase the payment threshold to any amount (greater than $50.00 /$100.00 respectively)
    3. You may choose to put your earnings payments on hold until you specify otherwise.
  4. Request a Currency Change

    Zazzle bases currency for payment upon the origin of the account. For example, if you create your account through the Zazzle.com site, all earnings attributed to that account will be paid in US dollars, but if you open it through Zazzle.co.uk, they will be paid in Pounds Sterling or Euros.

    Primary Currency denominations

    Zazzle.com US Dollars (USD - $)
    Zazzle.ca Canadian Dollars (CAD - $)
    Zazzle.co.uk Pounds Sterling (GBP - £) or Euros (EUR - €)**
    Zazzle.com.au Australian Dollars (AUD - $)
    Zazzle.co.nz New Zealand Dollars (NZD - $)

    Directly beneath the Payment Preferences header on the Payment Settings page, you will see:

    "Your primary currency is: XXX" (where XXX is the currency...USD $, CAD $, GBP £, EUR €, etc...)

    If you wish to change the primary currency that you are paid in, you may do so by submitting a request through our Customer Support Team. Currencies cannot be changed in the middle of an earnings cycle, so requests to alter your currency selection will be processed after the next scheduled payment is issued.

    **Zazzle.co.uk users are provided with a dropdown menu (on the Payment Settings page) that allows them to select £ or €, but requests for any other currency must be submitted through Customer Support.

    How to use your earnings as store credit (to make a Zazzle Purchase)

    During the checkout process, you will be given the opportunity to pay with your available earnings on the "Checkout - Payment Method" page (the 4th step in the checkout process). The words "Apply earnings balance (xx.xx)" will appear next to a check box, right above your order total if you have any cleared earnings* that are ready to be applied to a purchase.

    Please note the following eligibility requirements for utilizing earnings in this manner:

    • Only Earnings accrued through the same portal that the purchase is being made through can be used in this manner. (For Example: Earnings accrued through the Zazzle.co.uk site cannot be used for purchases on the Zazzle.com site and vice versa)
    • Any earnings that are currently queued for monthly payment processing (indicated by a pending status of any payment transaction in your account's Payment History report) will not be included in the available earnings balance.

    What to do if your payment is late or not received

    Your account's Payment History page will indicate every payment issued to you from Zazzle, and it's current status. It is important to understand the following information in order to determine whether or not your payment is delayed (or has not been issued for some reason)

    An Earnings payment enters a Pending status once earnings have cleared and are ready to be processed for payment. This processing period will generally start toward the beginning of each month (at the end of the preceding earnings cycle), and will last until the middle of the month when the accounting process is finalized and payments are issued. At that point, the transaction will be updated to the “Cleared” status*.

    *Please note, a “Cleared” status does not represent the date that you should receive your check in the mail, nor does it represent the date your funds will be available in your PayPal account. Standard shipping times still apply for fulfillment of payments in the form of a check. Standard transfer times still apply for fulfillment of PayPal payments (usually no more than 7 business days).

    Please check the following list and make sure your account(s) are set up properly for you to receive your earnings in a timely fashion. The vast majority of payment delays and processing issues are the result of missing or inconsistent payee information.

    1. Please double check your account to verify that the payment method is set as you expected (PayPal or check format).
    2. If you intend to be paid through PayPal, please make sure your current PayPal email address has been entered.
    3. Please make sure your current physical address (for mailing) is up to date
    4. Make sure that you've entered the correct Tax ID number (and/or W-8BEN) .
    5. If you have multiple Zazzle accounts, please make sure the above information is consistent across all the accounts.
    6. Once you have verified that your account information has been entered properly for all accounts, please contact our Customer Support team and one of our agents will follow up on the delay.

    Please note the following important reminders regarding payouts

    • Accounts that do not have a valid payee name, address, and tax ID (and/or W-8BEN) will not be processed for payment.
    • Accounts linked for volume bonus purposes must reflect the same payee information as the primary account for proper processing to occur. Variances in payee information between accounts may result in payment delays.
    • All currencies other than US Dollars are paid strictly through Paypal, as Zazzle does not have the ability to print checks in foreign denominations.
    • Zazzle is not responsible for any transaction, conversion or exchange fees that you may incur as a result of being paid in a non-native currency.
    • Any changes to the settings will require a 30 day processing period and may delay payments.