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    Image Conversion Fees for Embroidery

    What is an "image conversion fee"?

    You are charged a conversion fee for each embroidery stitch file we create.  Digital embroidery stitch files are created with specific dimensions, so when a design is converted, it will convert at the submitted size.  For example, if you were to submit the same design at 7.6 cm x 7.6 cm, 5.1 cm x 5.1 cm, and 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm, that would require three conversions and three fees.

    The process of conversion translates the pixels in your image into an embroidery file format, which contains the colour and stitching information required to guide an automated embroidery machine.  Our trained embroidery professionals perform this conversion for you.

    Some ways to reduce the cost of your conversion fee include:

    • Use the smallest size possible
    • Crop the design in your image as closely as possible
    • Use simple, thick lines and block colours

    The cost of conversion is $5 for each 1000 stitches required to replicate your design, rounded up to the next 1000.  In other words, $5 for 1-1000 stitches, $10 for 1001-2000 stitches, and so on.  When you upload your design, our software will provide an estimate of the number of stitches required, as well as the estimated cost of conversion at the specified size.

    There are three ways you can avoid the conversion fee:

    • Create text-only products.  Designs created entirely from over 100 pre-converted fonts provided by Zazzle (including Greek language and monogram fonts) will not require conversion.
    • Use existing .OFM files.  If you have designs which have already been converted to the .OFM embroidery file format, you may upload them and use them for your Zazzle products at no additional fee.  We do not support other embroidery file formats at this time.
    • Purchase an existing embroidery product from the Zazzle marketplace.  Embroidery products in the Zazzle marketplace have already been converted.  Many of them can be customised with your own text.

    For some visual examples of embroidery designs and the number of stitches required to create them, see the Zazzle Embroidery Design Guide.

    What is your cancellation and return policy for Zazzle Embroidery?

    Zazzle Embroidery, as with most of our products, can be returned for an exchange or refund within 30 days of receipt.  However, to receive a refund for the digital embroidery stitch file conversion fee, you must contact customer service within 10 days of the date Zazzle added the file to the My Images area of your account, which will be indicated by the "Date Sent" and noted in your confirmation email.  If Zazzle reimburses you for the conversion fee, the relevant stitch file will be removed from your account.