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    Zazzle Royalty and Referral Percentages

    Zazzle has standard and maximum royalty percentages for every product type offered. Creators may set their royalty rate to be any number in between the standard and maximum royalty percentages. Zazzle pays a referral percentage per product type as well.

    Zazzle current rates are:

    --The Standard Royalty Rate is 5% for all products

    --The Maximum Royalty Rate is 99% for all products (excluding the Zazzle Heart product line, which is 5%)

    --The Referral Fee Rate is 15% for all other products.

    Zazzle may change its rates from time-to-time, and this page will be updated to reflect such changes.

    Customisation of Your Design

    As a Zazzle Seller, you will always receive the full royalty on your original customised product.

    You will still receive your set royalty if you allow full customisation and the customer personalises your product with extra colours, text and/or images. In addition, we will pay you a 5% fixed royalty on specialty options and add-ons such as printing on additional design areas, 2XL and up sizes and print frames.


    How do I set my royalty?

    Whenever you post a product for sale (or go back to edit your product) use the "Royalty" form on the product page to set your royalty. The default is 5%. This form also shows the price for the product and the amount you'll earn on a sale. If you change the royalty, the form will update the product price and your earnings.

    How often can I change my royalty?

    You can change your royalty as often as you like. Royalty changes go into effect once a month, on or around the 20th of that month.

    What royalty rate do you recommend?

    It depends on you how you value your work, and what you feel your customers want to pay. Generally, we recommend royalties between 5% and 10%* with an average around 7%. The standard prices for most Zazzle products are set so that with royalties up to 15%, the prices will still be within what customers expect to pay. At the higher royalty rates, the retail comparable would be for high-end art and designs.

    For example, for posters and prints, because of the quality of the finished product, you as a Creator can test different royalty rates to measure the impact on your sales. We recommend this type of testing to find the optimal pricing for your art and designs. Zazzle uses industry-leading print technology to reproduce your work with 100+ year archival inks on several different media, from basic poster paper to canvas. With the addition of custom or standard framing, it's safe to say Zazzle prints are true works of art. You should feel comfortable setting a royalty that reflects the value you place on your work.

    *For royalties of 15% or greater, a 5% transaction fee will be applied.

    What if my product is sold as a result of a "Referred Sale"?

    "Referred Sale" means a sale where Zazzle incurs a cost to acquire that sale. Examples of Referred Sales include: sales arising from Zazzle's Associate Program; sales resulting from a referral through a registered Affiliate channel; sales resulting from our Search Engine Marketing efforts; and sales resulting from our special relationship with Google Base. Let's say a Zazzle Associate likes a particular t-shirt you designed and they put a link to it on their website or blog. When a buyer comes to Zazzle through that link and buys your shirt, we pay the Zazzle Associate a referral payment for referring that order to your product. You, the artist or creator still earn your set royalty rate less a slight referral fee.

    If my product sale is referred, does Zazzle pay the referral fee or do I?

    If someone else refers your product, Zazzle pays the 15% per sale referral to the referrer on your behalf. As the creator of the product you will be paid your royalty minus a small fee.

    What happens with discounts and promotions?

    Zazzle offers volume discounts to customers who buy multiples of a given product. Zazzle also runs promotions and offers discounts to encourage customers to spend more money buying your products. We base your royalty payment on the discounted price the customer pays.

    How does Zazzle determine the change in site price when I adjust my royalty?

    The Site Price of any given product expands and contracts in relation to the set royalty so that the royalty amount you earn is covered in the price the customer pays. Increase the royalty rate and the site price goes up accordingly.

    Here is how that works:

    The Site Price is equal to (Zazzle's Standard Price * .9) / (1 - royalty rate).

    Zazzle's Standard Price for any given product can be found on the Create pages. It is essentially the sales price of a single unaltered product (before customisation)…$14.95 in the case of trucker hats, for example.

    How did Zazzle come up with 15% for the referral programme fee?

    While the referral payment earned through Zazzle's Associate Programme is 15% of the net sales price, our Associates usually refer enough sales to earn volume bonuses. Certain other referral channels, such as the Affiliate and SEM channels, can be even more expensive than that. The blended average cost of maintaining the different referral programmes, all of which are designed to drive more prospective buyers to your products, is actually more than 15% of the net sales price. But we believe 15% is fair and easy for you and Zazzle to manage, and it's helpful to have one flat rate in order to keep expectations totally consistent.

    Can I earn referral payments?

    Yes and it's easy to get started. See the details of our Zazzle Associate Referral Programme here.