StatCounter Tracking

What is StatCounter?

StatCounter is a free site tracking and statistics tool available at It allows you to view and analyze real time traffic data from your web sites.

How do I set it up?

Zazzle Store Owners now have a choice between StatCounter and Google Analytics for gathering tracking statistics for their Zazzle Stores. Setting up StatCounter on Zazzle is pretty straightforward.

  1. First, you must have a StatCounter account. If you don't, open one up for free at
  2. Within you must create what are called "Projects." You will need to set up one project per Zazzle Store.
  3. When asked what the website URL is for the project, enter your Zazzle Store URL:
  4. Click NEXT and your project will be created. Now you need to set up the project.
  5. On the Installation Options page, click on "Default Installation Guide" on the right hand side.
  6. On this final page you will see a text box with JavaScript code in it. You do not need to copy the code to Zazzle, but you do need two pieces of information from it…the Project ID number and the Security number. You will see these numbers in the code. Write these down since you will have to enter them when you set up StatCounter on your Zazzle Store.
  7. Now that you have those numbers, you need to enter them on Zazzle. Go to your Store's Manage page and select “Advanced Settings.”
  8. At the bottom of this page, enable the StatCounter checkbox and enter your project's numbers in the appropriate text boxes and click SAVE CHANGES:


That's it! Now your Zazzle Store will be gathering traffic data and sending them to StatCounter. You will have to log in to your StatCounter account on to view your data.