The "Make this Store private" function

What does "Make this Store private" do?


The Store - private option makes your Store not visible to the general public - NO ONE other than you will be able to see your Zazzle Store. This means that you can create products, customize your look and feel, and build up buzz around a launch date of your Zazzle Store without anyone seeing it before you want them to. Uncheck this feature to "launch," your Zazzle store.

Please note that products marked as ‘Public (everyone can see it)’ will remain visible in the Zazzle marketplace, even if the store that contains them has been marked as ‘private’.

To hide all of the products contained in a particular store, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Zazzle account and click on ‘My Account’
  2. From your account page, click on the ‘Products’ tab and use the ‘Current Store’ drop-down menu to select a store
  3. Under the ‘All Products’ header, locate the ‘Show’ drop-down menu and select ‘100’ (the maximum)
  4. Under that same header, click ‘Select all’. You should see a red checkmark appear under each product displayed
  5. With all of the products selected, click on the ‘Edit’ link under the ‘All Products’ header to open the ‘Edit multiple product details’ dialog box
  6. Under ‘Product Visibility’, choose ‘Hidden (only you can see it)’ from the drop-down menu, then click ‘OK’
  7. If you have only one page worth of products, you are all done. If you have multiple pages of products, you will need to repeat steps 4-6 for each additional page until all of your products show the icon with the eye crossed-out near the lower right-hand corner of each product thumbnail.