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    Troubleshooting the most common Zazzle website complications

    95% of page errors, 404 errors, and other security & compatibility issues can be resolved by taking the 4 easy steps noted below.

    If you have a design tool inquiry or questions about the functionality of the site, this probably isn't the page for you. Try refining your search using the search field above, or return to the Zazzle Help Center home page by clicking on the Zazzle logo above.

    1. Use up-to-date versions of browsers

    2. Clear your browser's private data, cache & cookies  

    3. Adjust security settings & pop-up blockers in your browser

    • Lower your security settings to "Medium" or "Default"
    • Add $zurl to the list of trusted sites.
    • Disable any pop-up blockers you have in place
    • Add $zurl to the list of sites that can display pop-ups.
    • Disable any spam blockers.

    4. Restart your computer

    A sluggish computer will cause problems accessing the website's full functionality! 

    We heartily encourage you to employ the instructions (listed above) in order to make sure that your system is optimally configured for use with the Zazzle website. Taking these actions will also guard your computer against most Zazzle complications caused by browser incompatibilities or security settings.

    If you have questions about the instructions listed above or are continuing to experience a complication while using the Zazzle site after performing these steps, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team for further assistance.