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    Why Is This Translation So Bad?

    Zazzle is a constantly growing community of Designers and buyers. Every day, hundreds of thousands of new products are created and added to the Zazzle marketplace. Obviously, the task of translating information about these products into multiple languages is nothing that any human could accomplish. We could never keep up with the fast pace of Zazzle! So we've put robots to work for us. Super high technology to the rescue. Plus, robots are cool.

    We are using a virtual translator to help us translate certain dynamic, user-inputted elements associated with every product in the Zazzle marketplace. Specifically, these elements are the product title, the product description, the product's tags, and user comments about the product.

    Our virtual translator is a very powerful service, but it's not always 100% accurate. In fact, the translations are oftentimes very funny. We apologize if certain translations appear a bit wonky.

    You can always elect to view a product's user-inputted elements in their original language. Simply click on the "See original language" link, and everything will revert back to the language that the product creator originally inputted.

    Thanks for being such an important part of the Zazzle community!