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    Completing your Skateboard

    What comes with a Complete Custom Skateboard?

    Completes are outfitted with premium components, including Independent Stage 10 trucks and Ricta Natural wheels on most decks. The narrow Mini 7 1/4” (18.4 cm) and the Old Skool Cruiser are outfitted with softer Ricta Cloud wheels for a smooth ride on any surface. The Old Skool 8 1/2” (21.6 cm) is also outfitted with Ricta Clouds. All completes are finished with Bullet bearings, grip tape and hardware.

    Independent trucks:

    Independent introduced its first truck in 1978, called the Stage 1. Thirty years later, the Stage 10 combines Indy's often imitated legendary fast-action geometry, hollow body hanger, 4140 chrome molly steel axle and Grade 8 kingpin. The result is a light, perfectly balanced, ultra responsive and durable truck.

    Ricta Wheels (depending on deck selected):

    Naturals: 8% lighter than other so called "lightweight" wheels. Narrow shapes with slightly wider riding surfaces for increased control and durability. Double-sided raised graphics with smooth conicals that won't interfere with grinds.

    Clouds: Perfect for cruising. 78A durometre surface urethane and 78 durometre core! Super bouncy and fast, making even the roughest of surfaces feel like smooth warehouse floors. Modern shaped and not too heavy or bulky.