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    How Many Public Products Can I Have?

    Creators are limited to 100,000 published products. If you publish more than this amount, the Automated Product Optimisation system will automatically set a number of your least popular designs (those with no page views, no sales and/or the least recent publish date) to “Hidden.” We’ve made this update to improve the customer experience on Zazzle and ensure that we’re showcasing the best, high quality, fresh designs. In fact, this can actually help improve your zRank as well.

    This optimisation will occur on a regular (daily) basis, so you don’t have to take any action. As you add or republish more designs, Zazzle will automatically locate the least popular designs and set them to “Hidden.” You can always review the designs that are “Hidden” in your Products tab and make any changes you wish – these designs will remain in your account until you choose otherwise.

    Please view this help article to learn more about Automated Product Optimisation.


    FAQ: 100K Product Cap

    Q: Is this 100K per store or per account?

    The 100K product cap is per account/tax ID. If you have more than 1 account associated with a tax ID then the 100k products will apply to all your accounts collectively. If you have products that are being moved to hidden and they are less than 15 months, please check that your overall account has over 100K products. If they do, we will start hiding the unsold least popular products regardless of the date it was edited/published until the limit has been reached.

    Q: What if a creator has OVER 100k products, all of which meet at least 1 of the 3 Automated Product Optimisation criteria?

    We will start hiding the unsold least popular products regardless of the date they were edited or published until the limit has been reached.

    Q: If a product is hidden and I make an edit to it, will it automatically unhide?

    Unfortunately no, you must make an edit and also change the visibility back to public for it to be unhidden. If you exceed the 100K product cap (say 150K) and we hide 50K, you are automatically left with the limit of 100K products. If you then decide that 30K of those products should be deleted and are left with 70K, Zazzle will not automatically unhide 30K products for you so that you are at 100K. Once we hide something, the only way for it to be unhidden is if the creator manually does it.

    Q: How will I be able to view any hidden products?

    If you are on your products page, you will be able to sort by “Hidden” using a new Visibility pulldown menu.

    Q: How do I unhide my products?

    Click on the “actions” dropdown underneath a product to open the edit product selections. Then click on “additional information” and select “public” under product visibility.