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    How Collections Work


    A Little F.A.Q. on Collections


    Q: What are the purpose of collections? 

    A: Users can create collections to promote their product suites and showcase all the products they have in their store that are focused on one design. 

    Q:  How many collections can someone have?

    A:  At this time, each user is allowed up to 1,000 collections.

    Q:  What are the maximum products allowed in each collection?

    A:  Each user is allowed a maximum of 300 products in each collection. 

    Q: How do I add a product to a collection?

    A: Please see our article on how to 'Curate and Share Your Favourites with Zazzle Collections'.

    Q: May I delete a product or products within a collection?

    A: Yes, you can delete products within a collection by going to the same place on the product page where you added the item to your collection – this time, just uncheck the box.


    Q:  Why isn’t a collection of mine showing up publicly in my store? 

    A:  To show up in your store, your collection needs to be set to public and have at least four products in it. 

    Q:  How can I have my collection show on the product pages under ‘Other products from this collection’?

    A:  To be included, you need to have created a collection that includes a banner, title plus description and have at least seven products in it. 

    Q:  If a creator has their product in more than one collection, how is the order of those collections determined?

    A:  On the product pages, we can show up to three of your collections. The order is determined by an algorithm that ranks the collections by how related they are to the primary product on that page, as well as to the popularity of the design.

    Q:  How does product ratings work within a collection?

    A:  A collection’s rating is determined by the highest rating given to a product in that collection. If there is one product rated ‘R’ in the collection and the rest are rated ‘G,’ the collection will be rated ‘R.’ 

    Q:  Are collections found in web searches?

    A:  For SEO purposes, we don’t allow Google to index collection pages so they won’t be found in web searches. 

    Q:  Why are the new products that I’ve added to my collection not showing up?

    A:  Any change that is made to a collection requires it to be re-indexed and that can take up to 24 hours before it reappears in the marketplace.

    Q:  Can a product be in more than one collection?

    A:  Yes, a product can be in an unlimited number of collections.