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    Writing a good review

    We believe that sharing is caring; that’s why we want to help you share your experience on Zazzle! Create a product review to share your product joy, honest feedback, or product story. A few moments of your time writing a review really helps improve Zazzle for the billions of people around the world.

    The Golden Rules of Review Writing!


    • Be specific in your review. Describe the features you like best about the product, such as its colour, size, etc.
    • Tell us why you feel the way you do about the product. How does it compare to another similar product? What is your favourite use for the product, and how does it work well for that?
    • Be honest in your review. Your feedback is important to us, as it helps us create the kinds of products you want.
    • Write a review that is appropriate in length. Reviews that are too short (less than 20 words) might not be informative enough.
    • Vote up your favourite reviews. Vote for those reviews that you find most helpful to help Zazzle display the best reviews for all customers.


    • Use profanity.
    • Make offensive or derogatory comments regarding a race, religion, or individual.
    • Promote illegal activities, such as underage drinking or consumption of drugs.
    • Bring up customer support related issues, such as asking where your order is, saying you received the wrong order, or your order arrived broken. Please contact customer support with that information.
    • Give out personal information, such as your email address, phone number, or home address. Remember, reviews are public!