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    'Link to This' Tool


    How It Works

     The ‘Share’ option on Zazzle is a simple yet powerful tool for promoting your products. Whether you’ve just created a new item in your Zazzle Store or stumbled upon an interesting product while browsing, sharing it is a breeze.

    The beauty of using this option is whether you have customized an existing product in the marketplace or created a product from scratch, the changes will be shown to the person who uses your link. 

    Accessing the 'Share' Option:

    Clicking on the ‘Share' icon will prompt a pop up with options to share via email, Facebook, X (Twitter), Pinterest and an option to simply “copy link”, which can be used anywhere that accepts a URL. 



    If you are enrolled in our Associate program, the links will also add your referral code to any option chosen, once you are logged in, which can help lead to higher earnings! 



    Accessing the ‘link to this’ Option:


    You can still find the ‘link to this’ tool on your product management pages for each product. 

    1. Select the ‘share’ option on the product you wish to share, and you will see a selection of email, platforms and a chain mail link.
    2. Click on the chain mail link to reveal a simple link that will include your Associate ID (If enrolled in the Associates Program and are logged into your account.) as well as ‘HTML”, and ‘BBCODE’ version of your product link.  


    You can copy and paste the code that works best for you directly onto your blog, social or website.

    You can also share a product directly from the product page to your favorite social media platforms or use the ‘mail’ icon to email the product to a customer or friend! Your Associate ID will be included in all of the share options as long as you are enrolled in the Associates Program and are logged into your account. 

    Sharing your Zazzle products with friends, family, and customers has never been easier! Try out the ‘Share’ and ‘link to this’ options and watch your creations reach a broader audience.