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    How to Build Referral Links

    Zazzle's Associates Program allows anyone with a Zazzle account to earn referrals by promoting Zazzle on their personal blog, website or social media site.

    You can link to any Zazzle pages including product pages, search pages, store categories, and even this page using your unique Associate ID.

    Your Associate ID can be found in the Associates tab of the My Account section. You will need this unique ID when building your links.

    In order to earn referrals, you must include your Associate ID with the “rf parameter when linking to Zazzle. In order to add your Associate ID you would add “?rf=” followed by your Associate ID at the end of your link. If your link already contains a “?” you will need to use “&” to append the “rf” parameter and your Associate ID.

    Using the Associate ID 238301965164297647 as an example, here are a few ways to use your Associate ID to build referral links:

    Link to a store

    Link to a specific product

    Link to the funny t-shirts search page

    Link to a store category

    Link to the Zazzle coupons page

    Link to a collection page

    Take a look at this blog post for more link examples.

    International Referrals

    To earn referrals for Zazzle International sites, replace the "" portion of the URL with the Zazzle international domain you would like to link to.

    Here are some examples of ways to create international links using your Associate ID:

    Link to a store on Zazzle UK

    Link to a specific product on Zazzle Brazil

    Link to the funny t-shirts search page on Zazzle AU


    You can find all of the Zazzle International sites on the Zazzle International Page.

    Please note that when you link to a particular Zazzle domain, you will only earn a referral when the purchase is completed on that domain.