What does Zazzle charge for using the Maker platform?

You are charged two fees for use of the Platform. A Zazzle Fee and a Shipping Services Fee.

Zazzle Fee:

A Maker is entitled to 70% of the net sales for each product sold to a customer, while the remaining 30% goes to Zazzle. ‘Net sales’ means the revenue collected from the customer for sales of the product you’ve added, less (i) applicable taxes collected and (ii) the Shipping Services Fee. Please note: Net sales can be affected by returns and refunds.

Shipping Services Fee:

Because Zazzle offers shipping services for all our Makers, you are required to pay a ‘Shipping Services Fee’ for all orders fulfilled equal to the greater amount charged to the customer for shipping, or the amount billed by the Carriers. For any order that is subject to a free shipping discount, you are required to pay 70% of the amount that would have been charged to the customer in the absence of such a discount. You will also need to pay this fee for any replacement orders that need to be sent. In summary, the ‘Shipping Services Fee’ is currently equal to the amount that a customer is charged for the shipping of your product. Because this amount is offset, you won’t be charged anything additional.