How do I set up co-workers on the Maker dashboard?

To add co-workers to your Maker account, go to Users & Login tab. Once signed in, go to ‘Account’ in the left-hand navigation, then, go to the ‘Users & Login’’ tab. From here, you can send invites to your team so they can access your Maker dashboard.

Below is a list of the specific roles you can assign to each user:

  • Observer - As the name suggests they can view all pages, with the exception of the Account page. They cannot edit order statuses, products or other information.
  • Operator - This pertains to orders. Therefore, as an operator a user can view and manage products on the Orders page.
  • Marketing – Marketing users can view and manage your storefront on Zazzle.
  • Product Management – Can view and manage your customizers and products on the Product page.
  • Admin – As administrator, the user can view and edit all information the Maker dashboard.

Please note: You must be the account owner to add, edit and remove users attached to your Maker account. If the account owner changes, please reach out to