How can I process multiple orders at once?

Zazzle offers two features to help process multiple orders at the same time. Both enable you to print production and packing sheets or to download print files at scale. In order to access, you will need to log into your <a href=>Maker Dashboard</a> and go to the Orders tab (upper left).

Bulk Action:

  1. Sign in and go your Orders page.


     2. Check the boxes next to the orders you wish to generate production and packing sheets for.


  1. Click the ‘Select action’ dropdown.


  1. Select an action ‘Print production sheet(s)’ or ‘Print packing slip(s)’ or ‘Download print file(s)’.


CSV or Excel Export:

  1. Sign in and go your Orders page.


     2. Select the blue Export button, upper right corner of your Manage Orders page.


     3. You can export by All New Orders, Current Page, or Filter a custom date range. If you are            encountering any technical issues or have questions regarding an order, click ‘Report                    Problem with Order’ to send us an email.