How To Be A Part Of Our Groupon Offering

Social sharing your products is a great way to gain exposure for you and your store. Another terrific way to get your products selling is by getting your cards and invitations featured in our Groupon offering. Groupon is a wonderful way to introduce new customers to not only Zazzle, but also to your designs! Best of all, we're always looking for new cards and invites to use in our next Groupon feed.
What sort of designs are we looking for?
Zazzle's Groupon feed has five themes you can design for – wedding, baby shower, birthday, holiday and graduation. It's important to note that only four feeds will show on the page. Holidays and Graduation will switch off and on from one another depending on the season.
The ideal designs should have an easy-to-use template, a trendy design with quality stock photography and diverse subject matter, great typography and a stunning use of color. If you become a part of the Groupon feed, you'll also be considered for other site features such and creative assets.
Here's what you need to do to be considered for our Groupon feed:
• Your product must have a flat royalty of 10%

• It must be published on a 5x7 flat card with front and back as the default view
• It must have an easy-to-use template
• Cards which include designs on the back are preferred
• You must tag your cards and collections with ZGROUPON. This tag will help our merchandising team find your submission/s for review. Cards not tagged with ZGROUPON will not be considered.
To find out when our merchandising team is looking for submissions, you can follow the Zazzle News Forum and your designer newsfeed for our special call-outs with specific deadline dates.