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    What am I allowed to do with my Instant Download?

    Your Instant Download purchase grants you a Download License to the Independent Creator's design on the Zazzle marketplace. You may review the details of the Download License in Section 3.2.5 of our User Agreement.

    To summarize: 

    1. You may use your Instant Download for personal use. This means you can share the file on your website, social media, and electronic communications (text, email) so long as you are sharing the file for personal purposes.

    2. You may not use the Instant Download file for commercial purposes. This means you may not resell or profit the file on Zazzle or on other websites and services. You may not use the Instant Download to promote or brand your business via signage, posters, packaging, brochures.

    3. You may print the design on personal and commercial printers, so long as the print is used for personal purposes.

    4. You may use the Instant Download for personal projects, educational presentations, blogs, and publications. You may also use the Instant Download as a decorative background for mobile phones, tablets, and computers.