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    Collection RealViews™

    To make your Collections shine, we've introduced a new way to present them to customers through uploading captivating visuals in Media Manager. We understand that content creation can be time-consuming, so we've come up with a helpful new feature. 

    Zazzle will automatically generate Collection RealViews™ based on the products in your Collection. Our aim is to showcase a diverse range of products to provide customers with a view of your offering, ultimately increasing cross-selling opportunities and helping you earn more.

    This feature is being shown to Creators only at the moment, but we will be rolling out this feature to show Collection RealViews™ across different customer experiences in the coming days (If images are enabled).

    This will now show up under your Collections Media Manager:


    Here are more details of this feature and how it works: 

    • Collection RealViews™ will be shown in your Collections Media Manager for Cross- Sell Wedding Collections only, for now. We plan to expand this feature to other key moments in the future such as Birthday, Baby Shower and more. 
    • You will notice that some Collection RealViews™ are more neutral in their design and can work across a wide variety of collections while others are more specific to a particular theme or style.The neutral/evergreen RealViews™ (first 3) will be enabled by default while the more style based RealViews™ will be disabled by default, giving you control over what realviews to use that compliment your Collection. To enable, simply toggle to ‘enabled’. NOTE, the evergreen Collection RealViews™ will automatically be enabled even though you may not have all products filled. Do not worry! We will not show the Collection RealViews™ to customers unless all products are filled. Once you create a product and add it to your collection, the product will automatically be added to the Collection RealViews™ (Please allow 24hrs to cache in our system).  If you haven’t added any of your own Cover Collection Images, the Collection RealViews™ will be shown in most of the places where we show Collection Cover Images.
    • Generated Collection RealViews™ will be available to be enabled based on the products you have included in your Collections. We list what products are featured in each RealView™ in the tooltip so you can ensure you have those products.

    • cmm2.png
    • When a RealViews™ cannot be enabled due to a missing product, you can refer to the tooltip on what needs to be added in order for a RealViews™ to become available.


    • Zazzle Collection RealViews™ can be reordered based on your preference and will appear in many onsite experiences including the product page. Note: Collections RealViews™ will be displayed after any CGC images/video you have added for this collection.

    Please note that given the large number of possible product configurations within a collection, this feature is still in Beta and may generate RealViews™ that pick products which may be unexpected or suboptimal given your collection. 

    If you love experiencing this new feature or have any questions, please feel free to share your thoughts with us, here.