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    A step- by - step guide on how to add addressed envelopes


    Step 1

    • Add the 5x7 invitations/cards to the cart.

    • Once these items are added, a pop up will appear before they check out - Click the “Get Started” button.


    Step 2

    • Select the design template of your address. Scroll down and select a design.

    • There will be a charge per envelope, depending on the design.


    Step 3

    • Once a design is selected, click “Details” and then “Personalize this template”.

    • Once personalized - select the quantity and add them to the cart.


    Step 4

    • Once the envelopes are added to the cart a new pop up will appear asking you to “Manage Recipients”.

    • Add the recipient's details and they will appear as a list.

    • It will also say how many envelopes are addressed and how many are blank.



    The process is very similar when shopping on your mobile device!

    Mobile Step 1

    • The notification will appear under your envelopes option.


    Mobile Step 2

    • Once you’ve selected your invite, Tap “Get Started”.


    Mobile Step 3

    • Next you scroll down to select a style of addressed envelopes.


    Mobile Step 4

    • You can select the Personalize button to edit your design.
    • Once personalization is complete - add to cart.


    Mobile Step 5

    • Next you select “Manage Recipients”.


    Mobile Step 6

    • Select “Add recipient info now” and when you are finished Tap “OK’.


    Additional Tips!

    • Addressed Envelopes are only available in 5”x 7”
      Zazzle are looking to add additional sizes, very soon!
    • You can’t modify your order once it has been placed. If you need to modify addresses, you will need to contact Customer Care.
    • To qualify for free recipient addressing, your order must include a similar number of cards. Additional fees apply for printing return addresses and premium designs.