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    Posting Products for Sale

    Start with the "Sell It" Button

    Once you have created your product from the "Create Your Own" section and you are ready to post it in our marketplace, simply click the "Sell It" button on the right side of the page as pictured below:


    (Please note when posting apparel, you are required to select a size in order to post it for sale)

    You'll be presented with a page of product options that give you the control to ensure that your product is accurately and appropriately portrayed in our marketplace. Let's go through these options one by one.


    Product Availability

    This menu determines the types of products your design will be allowed on. The default is to sell on all styles and colors, but you can change that. For example, you can specify that only dark apparel products are allowed if your design is not suitable for light apparel products, or if you have ethical or environmental concerns, you could make it so that only sustainable products are available with your design.

    Product Categorization

    You'll also see options to specify the public and store categories for your product. Click "Select" next to each option to open a pop-up window where you'll make your selections:

    Product Rating


    The ratings options may vary based on the portal you are using (e.g.,, etc.) in order to be consistent with local customs.

    The rating on your product will ultimately determine the audience that is allowed to view and purchase your design. We have guidelines available to assist you in selecting the appropriate rating, but if you have specific concerns, our content review team is available to provide a more specific answer.

    Note: Only G-rated products are displayed in our marketplace unless the user browsing the site has specified in their account settings that higher-rated products may be shown to them. If you are currently logged in, you can change that setting at the bottom of your account settings page.

    Product Customization


    If this option is selected, customers who may be interested in purchasing your design will be able to change the elements (text or images) you've added to suit their own needs.

    Some common examples of how our customers customize products before making a purchase:

    • They may want to add a relative's name to the back of a shirt you've designed
    • They may not like the specific font you've selected from our library and would like to choose another
    • They may choose to remove your elements and replace them with their own
    • They may be interested in your design, but would like the image transferred to the back of a shirt instead of the front

    Customizations like these can result in additional sales, but also result in less control over what may be done with your design. Ultimately, this is the decision you make when checking or un-checking this box.

    Note: currently, this option may not be changed once the product has been published, so be sure that you've chosen the option you'd prefer. Otherwise, you will need to re-create the product from scratch and change this option upon publishing.

    Product Information


    The information contained within these fields will help to identify your product within our marketplace. Search results on our site are affected by the information contained here, so be sure to accurately describe your product using a helpful title, description and tags. Learn how to properly write your product information by reading our Titles, Descriptions and Tagging Tutorial.


    Product Visibility


    For most people, the default "public" choice is desired. This will submit your product to our marketplace at the end of the posting process. If you are working on building an inventory prior to making your store "live," you may want to choose the "hidden" option until you are ready to display your products. The "direct-only" option is for more advanced users. You can see some examples of how the API is used on this page.

    Product Royalty

    Here, you can set the royalty to be charged for your design. Below the percentage, you'll see both the price a customer will be paying and the amount you'd stand to make at this price point. If you want to play around with the numbers here in a pretty cool way, click the "advanced calculator" link and you'll be able to use our tool to find a good balance between the two


    Click here for more information on how our royalty program works and here for some advice on what we recommend for royalty rates.

    Note: While the percentage can be tweaked individually when publishing products, the default royalty rate is set in your account settings and will affect the default rate shown during the publishing process. If you are logged in, you may access that setting here. The default is 10.0%, but it can be set anywhere between 5% (the minimum) and 100%.


    User Agreement


    This is checked by default, and you will not be able to post your product if it is unchecked. We highly recommend reviewing the entire document so that you are aware of what is expected of our Creators.

    A few basic points to keep in mind:

    • Use only your own original content, or content you have legally been licensed to produce commercially
    • Do not spam, threaten or otherwise harass other Zazzlers
    • You must be at least 13 to use the site
    • No warranty is granted or implied, use at your own risk

    Again, these are just a few key points and it is highly recommended you review the entire user agreement. Be sure to also be aware of our non-exclusive licensing agreement acceptable content guidelines, product ratings system and privacy policy. With these tools, you'll be well-equipped as a Zazzle Creator. 

    Post Your Product

    Click "Post it" and you're done! You will be shown a confirmation page that will provide you with ways to promote your new product.

    Have any further questions? Feel free to ask!