Review Policy for Zazzle Custom Stamps

Appropriate Use Guidelines For Zazzle Custom Stamps

Because of the nature of our customized postage product and its association with our brand, we have determined that certain categories of images are not appropriate for printing on Zazzle Custom Stamps. The following terms form part of Zazzle’s User Agreement. You must agree to follow them in order to purchase Zazzle Custom Stamps or to create any public Zazzle Custom Stamps for sale in the Zazzle marketplace.

You will not assert or suggest in any way that any Zazzle Custom Stamps customized postage created by you or any other user has been approved by us or by any other person or entity.

In designing or creating any Zazzle Custom Stamps customized postage, you will not use any content or design element that in our sole judgment and discretion we believe would be controversial or offensive, would subject us to legal liability, or would cause damage to Zazzle's public reputation or our business.

Examples of what is prohibited include content or design elements that, in our sole judgment and discretion, we believe may:

  • Infringe copyright in any manner. Understanding intellectual property issues can be confusing. As a guideline, you may contribute only original work that you have created yourself from original elements. This means you can't use images of celebrities or corporate products, nor images, text, or design that you've copied from a website without written permission from the owner. You can't create a "new" image using elements from images other people have created. And you can't contribute a quote or a slogan that is substantially the same as something already written by someone else.
  • Infringe any patent, trademark, trade secret, or other intellectual, privacy or proprietary right of any party in any manner.
  • Incorporate a celebrity, current or former leader, politician, religious figure, convicted criminal or notorious person, or other famous person's name or likeness.
  • Advocate or protest any social, political, legal, moral or religious agenda in a way that may appear controversial to others.
  • Be considered:
    - unlawful, deceptive, defamatory, libelous, or tortious,
    - harmful, threatening, hateful, abusive, vulgar, or harassing,
    - obscene, pornographic, indecent, inflammatory, or blasphemous, or
    - otherwise objectionable.
  • Contain, depict or refer to:
    - illegal activities, violence, drug use, or weapons use; or
    - nudity, sexual activities, or sexual connotations; or
    - profanity, or
    - derogatory references regarding religion, race, national origin, sexual orientation, physical/mental handicaps, or about other individuals or groups of individuals.


A special note about Zazzle Custom Stamps for Business:

Zazzle Custom Stamps for Business are a great way for businesses large and small to grow their brand and communicate with customers in a creative and brand conscious manner. Business logos, website addresses, or company names and addresses are all appropriate material for Zazzle Custom Stamps for Businesses. However, certain categories of business advertising may not be appropriate for printing on Zazzle Custom Stamps.

Promotional messaging is not appropriate for Zazzle Custom Stamps for Business, and will not be approved for printing. Examples of promotional messaging include “Buy one, get one free” or “10% off sale” or other similar announcement messaging, including specific pricing information for a product for sale.

It is also inappropriate to use Zazzle Custom Stamps for Business as a coupon. Messages such as “One free with this ZazzleStamp” or “Present this ZazzleStamp for 10% off” will not be approved for printing on Zazzle Custom Stamps.

In addition, Zazzle Custom Stamps for Business are not available for advertising related to the following industries:

  • Alcohol and Tobacco;
  • Gambling;
  • Any industry related to human sexual activity, or products, services or entertainment directed to sexual stimulation.

If you have any questions about these Appropriate Use Guidelines, please don’t hesitate to contact our Content Specialists We are happy to answer any question you may have, and are available to provide guidance and support as you create your special product!


The Fine Print: 

You acknowledge and agree that may terminate the Zazzle Custom Stamps service at any time. Any information or Content that you provide through Zazzle Custom Stamps may be provided to Zazzle's licensors and to the United States Postal Service for postage verification purposes.

You acknowledge, agree, and warrant you understand that the content and design elements of your Zazzle Custom Stamps are not approved or endorsed in any way by the United States Postal Service, and that you will not make promotional references to Zazzle Custom Stamps as “stamps” or “ Custom Postage.” Zazzle Custom Stamps are valid postage for mailing, but the images are not reviewed or approved by the Postal Service. Therefore, you agree to not make any representations which could cause a reasonable person to believe that the content and design elements included in your Zazzle Custom Stamps are provided, approved, or endorsed by the Postal Service.

Please see Zazzle's User Agreement  for complete details. Also, please note that, in accordance with the User Agreement, Zazzle has the right to remove any image or suspend or terminate any account with or without notice and take any further appropriate actions. Any attempt by you to violate or circumvent these restrictions is a violation of the terms of the Zazzle User Agreement.

If we find that a postage design in your order is inappropriate, we will send you an email to notify you that your design has been rejected and that your order has been cancelled. Your design will be deleted from your Private Products section, but any images used in the design will remain in your Image Library for your future use.