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    Product Style Control

    What is it?

    The Product Style Control allows Zazzle Creators to control what styles will be available for a particular product they are posting for sale. For example, this is useful for stores that wish to sell only sustainable t-shirts, shirts made in the USA, or beer steins only.

    Where is it?

    You can find the Product Style Control whenever you post a product for sale. On the Post For Sale page, you will see a drop-down labeled “Sell this design on”.

    This dropdown shows all options for the particular product type. Here’s the Style Control for T-Shirts:

    When posting a product for sale, simply select one of the options from the Style Control. When posted, that product will then be available to buyers only on the option chosen.

    For example, let’s say you’re creating a t-shirt, and you select “Men’s only” from the Style Control when you post it for sale. That means that any customer who sees your t-shirt will only be able to buy it on “Men’s only” styles (no kid styles, no women’s, etc.)

    If you wish to limit the available styles to only one particular style, select “The current style and color only”. Customers will then NOT be able to change styles at all and will only be able to purchase the exact style you had selected when you posted it for sale.