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    Overseas Shipping Options and Rates

    What are the shipping costs for orders to be shipped overseas from

    International Shipping & Taxes

    International orders may be subject to import duties and taxes when placed through**. 

    Please note that the goods belong to you at the end of the purchase process whilst they are still in our production facility in the United States. For orders placed through** where the shipping address is outside the United States, an importation process may need to be completed by you as the owner/importer of the product. As part of our commitment to customer service, we may complete the requisite importation paperwork on your behalf, however, in some countries additional formalities may need to be completed by you liaising directly with local customs authorities.

    Whilst we will endeavor to collect any taxes or duties that you owe upon importing the goods at checkout and remit this to the authorities on your behalf, this cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, in some cases the local authorities may charge you additional taxes/fees which must be paid directly to them (as appropriate). Zazzle is currently unable to predict whether or not you will be charged a fee or what that fee might be, as this information is sometimes only available to the importer of the goods (you). Please contact your local customs office for further information.

    Please note:

    • International shipments may be delayed by the customs process and/or other unforeseen circumstances beyond Zazzle’s control.

      If you choose Standard Shipping (9-18 days), you will NOT be able to track your order. Your package will leave our manufacturing facility and neither you nor Zazzle will be able to see the shipping status of your order. You can contact Customer Support after the 18th business day if your package hasn’t arrived yet.

    • If the ability to track the pack in transit is important to you, please consider selecting the Expedited (5-9 days) or Express Shipping (3-5 days) options which uses a different carrier. With these options, tracking will be available for the entire transit process.


    Calculating your shipping rate

    Because there are so many variables in generating a basic shipping quote, we recommend that you place a mock order to get the most accurate pricing figure. You don't have to make any purchase to do so.

    You can generate your own price quote by adding the items you are considering for purchase to your shopping cart. If this is your first time using the Zazzle checkout, you may be asked to create a Zazzle account, add a shipping and billing address in order to proceed onto the page with the shipping estimates. Rest assured that you will not be charged unless you proceed all the way through to the completion of your order (and the Order Confirmation page).

    Once you have entered the requested information needed to provide the estimate, the various available shipping options and relative pricing will be displayed. This page will also reflect an overall price for the order, including product, tax (if applicable) and shipping**.

    Please note that both product & shipping prices are subject to change. Quotes generated using the method noted above are only valid for the browser session during which they are generated. Prices displayed during previous sessions will not be honored.


    **The cart might not reflect customs duties for internationally bound packages ordered through the site. For more information, on import taxes, please contact your local customs office.

    **In the case of orders placed through Zazzle's International web portals, the local tax and customs fees are collected and remitted on behalf of the customer by Zazzle. Separate customs charges will not apply unless the order is shipped outside of the region covered by the portal's distinct agreement with the local customs office. For more information, on what to expect when ordering through one of the Zazzle international portals, please select your local Zazzle site.