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    What Royalty Rate Do You Recommend I Use?

    It depends on you how you value your work, and what you feel customers want to pay. For physical products, we generally recommend royalties between 10% and 15% with an average around 12%. The standard prices for most Zazzle products are set so that with royalties up to 15%, the prices will still be within what customers expect to pay. At the higher royalty rates, the retail comparable would be for high-end art and designs.

    For posters and prints, because of the quality of the finished product, you, as a Creator, can test different royalty rates to measure the impact on your sales. We recommend this type of testing to find the optimal pricing for your art and designs. Zazzle uses industry-leading printing technology to reproduce your work, and with the addition of custom or standard framing, it's safe to say Zazzle prints are true works of art. You should feel comfortable setting a royalty that reflects the value you place on your work.
    For Instant Downloads, we recommend setting a royalty rate within 5% of the rates as defined below. For example: Holiday Cards can have a range of 87% to 97%.
    Royalties by Product Type