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    Checkout Complications

    If you experience a complication during the checkout process, there are some simple steps to take (depending on the nature of the issue) that may help to resolve the complication.

    Credit Card Issues

    1. Input credit card information correctly:

    • Do not use spaces, dashes or other characters when placing in your CC #.
    • Please make sure the expiration date and security code are exact.
    • Please place name as shown on the card into the appropriate field.

    To see the list of cards accepted on Zazzle, please view our Payment Methods article.

    2. Check Firewall and/or Security Settings

    If you are trying to access your account from work or a public computer (located in a library for example), please be advised that some companies/organizations may have adjusted their security settings to block potentially hazardous websites. Accessing the Zazzle site while Firewall & security settings are set to "High" can disrupt many basic functions of the site, including the checkout process. If your computer accesses the web through a business intranet, please ask the computer's IT Administrator to add our webpage as a "trusted site." 

    If you are using your own connection, make sure that your individual security settings are adjusted to Medium (or default) and that has been added as a "trusted site." See our Troubleshooting Guide for more information on security settings. 

    3. Multiple Failed Attempts Processing a Credit Card Transaction

    If you have tried to process your transaction with the same credit card two or more times, and your order has failed to be completed, then there is a good chance that your Credit Card has been locked out by our system as a precautionary measure. We do this as a means to safeguard your card from being used fraudulently in the general order process. 

    What can you do in this case?

    • Try placing your order with a different credit card
    • Use Paypal to complete your transaction
    • Wait for 24 hours (for the system to clear) and try again with the same card

    PayPal Complications

    We collect funds from your PayPal account only when a new order has moved into the processed state. You must have a valid credit card (Visa, MC, AMEX) or debit account linked to your PayPal account to proceed through checkout.

    If you have encountered an error during the checkout process or received a message of payment failure while attempting to finalize your Zazzle -PayPal order, be advised that your order has NOT been processed until you have reached the final Zazzle order confirmation page. This holds true even in cases where PayPal provides an order confirmation with a Zazzle-like order number (despite never reaching the Zazzle end page). If you encounter such an error, please contact us and we would be happy to assist in the finalization of your order. In some instances, you may need to contact PayPal to ascertain the nature of the payment failure.

    We assure you that you will only be charged for orders that are finalized and verified through our online order system.

    Declined PayPal Transactions

    There are several reasons your payment may have been declined by PayPal.

    • Suspicion of fraud or incorrect billing information
    • Invalid Credit Card or account linked to PayPal (or none linked)
    • Insufficient funds

    For more information, please log in to your PayPal account, or contact PayPal Customer Support

    Coupon / Promotional Code Problem

    Having trouble getting your code to be accepted in the shopping cart?

    Please click here for more information on coupon and promotional code issues.

    Captured Funds & Preauthorization Charges

    Does your Card Issuing bank indicate multiple charges for a single order...or a persistent charge for an order that was canceled (or did not go through)?

    Credit Card Purchases 

    We charge credit cards when the order has moved into the processed state.  

    Sometimes, a card-issuing bank will place authorized funds (for an order) on a separate temporary hold while the actual charge is processed.

    Occasionally those funds will remain "captured" for a time, even after an order has been canceled (in accordance with the financial institution's processing schedule).

    In these cases, the card-issuing financial institution will release the secondary funds at its discretion. This usually occurs within 5-7 business days of the order being finalized (or formally canceled).

    We advocate that you check your payment issuing account over the course of the next couple of days to verify that the funds are released and contact your bank for more information if you experience a delay in that regard.

    Rest assured that you will only be charged once for each active order in our system.

    Paypal Purchases

    Sometimes, Paypal will place the authorized funds on a separate temporary hold while the actual charge attempt is processed. In this case, Paypal will release the secondary funds at its discretion. You may want to check your account over the course of the next couple of days (following the failed order attempt) to verify that the funds are released and contact Paypal for more information if you experience a delay in that regard.


    Removing an Item from the Cart

    Do you want to remove an item from your cart before checking out? If you do not wish to purchase the item, click on the blue "Remove" button below the quantity of the item.

    If you want to purchase the item for later, click on the "Save for Later" or "Add to Collection" buttons to the right of the image of the product.