Zazzle Royalty and Referral Percentages

Zazzle has standard and maximum royalty percentages for every product type offered. Designers may set their royalty rate to be any number in between the standard and maximum royalty percentages. Zazzle pays a referral percentage per product type as well.

Zazzle current rates are:

--The Standard Royalty Rate is 5% for all products

--The Maximum Royalty Rate is 99% for all products (except for Zazzle Heart products, which is 5%)

Referral Fee Table

Referral Percentage



All products

Zazzle may change its rates from time-to-time, and this page will be updated to reflect such changes.

Zazzle does not make referral payments on intra-state sales (as designated by shipping address on customer order) to associates who reside in the states listed below. This list is subject to change and may be revised from time to time:

  • Missouri

If your payment address with Zazzle is in one of the above states, then you will not receive referral payments for any sales within your state. For example, if your payment address is in Missouri, and you refer a sale with a shipping address that is also in Missouri, then you will not receive a referral payment. Referral payments for sales that ship to addresses outside your state are not affected.