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    Completing Your Skateboard

    What comes with a Complete Custom Skateboard?

    Our complete custom skateboards come with everything you need to start shredding the streets and skate parks right away! The professional-quality decks come in six sizes and are constructed from the very best ingredients, including seven plies of premium USA Maple from the Great Lakes region and skateboard-specific glue from Franklin. These durable decks are complemented by all-terrain trucks and classic polyurethane wheels and grip tape.


    These sturdy, all-terrain skateboard trucks comprise high-quality aluminum hangers and baseplates with spring steel axles. They utilize medium hardness bushings for traditional turning geometry. The truck widths vary depending on the deck selected, with some decks sporting 5.25” trucks and others 5.5”(See table below).


    Our versatile wheels are made using a classic polyurethane formula and have a durometer, or hardness, of 99A for rebound and great abrasion resistance—making them ideal for street, park, and all-around skateboarding. Wheels range in size from 52mm-54mm, depending on the deck selected.


    Deck Option (Width) Wheel Size Truck Width
    7 3/4" 52mm 5.25"
    7 7/8" 53mm 5.25"
    8" 53mm 5.25"
    8 1/8" 53mm 5.25"
    8 1/4" 53mm 5.5"
    8 1/2" 54mm 5.5"


    Grip Tape:

    Easily applied grip tape with premium grit and waterproof backing is also included for enhanced traction and board control!

    After you rip through that overmatched packaging with wide-eyed fervor and catch sight of your sick, new, custom deck for the first time, the last thing you’ll want to do is shelve that bad boy until your trucks and wheels arrive. Tick ‘Complete Your Board’ when ordering with Zazzle, and you won’t have to!