Products FAQ -Makers

I have more questions! How do I get in touch?

What does the Zazzle product approval process entail, and how long does it take?

  • To help you and customers have the best possible experience, we will be reviewing your product and will send you any feedback that needs addressed before publishing it on the site. The approvals process ensures that all products are of quality and meet specific Maker Platform requirements and guidelines described above. Due to the overwheling submission of amazing maker products, it will take our team no more than a week to review and approve your product submissions.

What are Customizable Spots?

  • "Customizable Spots" are used to visually point out the parts of your product that can be customized by the customer. Customers will interact with "Customizable Spots" to make their custom choices on the site, whether it's a choosing a color, a material, a style or providing text etc...

I don't see a department for my product. What should I do?

  • Our Department selection tool allows you to click into a top-level category and then define your specific subset within that category if desired. If you don't see a specific department, you can email and we can give you a suggestion of where your product should live.

What are the Zazzle image size requirements?

  • For Product Images, we require that the resolution be 2048 pixels by 2048 pixels. For Option Images, we require that the resolution be 1024 pixels by 1024 pixels.

How do I take good product photography?

How can I optimize my products with keyword tags?

  • Keyword Tags are words and phrases that allow customers to find your products while searching. Use as many descriptive tags as you can think of that will make their search fruitful. For more tips on how to optimize products through tagging, click here.

What is Lifestyle Photography?

  • Lifestyle Photography is a set of photos to help customers imagine your product in its natural state being used, worn, eaten or more! Help customers imagine the life of your product by putting it on backgrounds and or in settings where it appears at home or at the office. For more information on Lifestyle Photography requirements click here.

Can I add video?

  • Absolutely! You can video content to support your products and company on Zazzle two ways. In the Product Story section of each product, you can add a product video to highlight the specific features of that product. We recommend videos that are 60-90 seconds where the file size is no larger than 1GB. You can also add a video on your Maker Profile that tells the story of your company and how you create your products.

How do I edit a product line? 

  • During our Alpha phase, our team will be able to assist you in making edits to your live products. Please contact

How can I copy options to a new product?

  • You can copy over existing options to a new product by cloning the product line. To clone a product line and create a new one with the same options, navigate to the Product pageand in the drop-down to the right of the product in question, click Clone Product Line.

How do I Out of Stock my products?

  • There are two ways to out of stock on Zazzle. 
  • 1) To Out of Stock a product line, click on the Products link in the side navigation. From there, click the drop down to the right of the product line you'd like to update and click Mark option(s) out of stock. From there, select All Options to not allow the entire product to be purchased on the site.
  • 2) To Out of Stock specific options, navigate to the product and click Mark option(s) out of stock. From there, select the specific options which no long have inventory in.

How do I remove a product line from Zazzle?

  • You may issue a "Request to Unpublish" a product line through your products dashboard. This means completely removing your product from Zazzle. If you'd simply like to Out of Stock or go on vacation, please refer to the question "How do I Out of Stock my products?". At this time, please contact and we can help you with that request.

How can I get my products 3D visualized by the Zazzle team?

  • If you are looking for 3D visualization of your product, you've come to the right place. Please email our team. We would love to offer you an Enterprise solution to suit your needs.

What's the quickest way to add products? Can I bulk add products?

  • While we do not have a "bulk upload" feature, if you have dozens of great products, please email us at to see if you qualify for our White Glove Setup Service.

Can you assist with onboarding my products?

  • Yes! We're always interested in helping our Makers. Zazzle does offer a White Glove Setup Service to help you onboard your products. Please email us to see if you qualify.

Can I enable my customers to add images to my product?

  • Currently, we are building out tools to support content upload on our Maker Platform, which will allow makers to receive image files directly from customers. If this is something that really interests you, please let us know.