Order Processing FAQ - Makers

How will I be notified of a sale?

  • You will receive a notification email to the address you've provided as your "Primary Contact" email in the Maker Info page.

I got an order. Now what?

  • Below is a step-by-step guide for how to process an order on Zazzle:
  • 1) Go to the Orders section of your dashboard and click on the link for the order in your dashboard.
  • 2) Print the packing sheet
    • Once the product has been made, click “Print Packing Sheet & Ready to Ship” to receive the packing sheet to include inside the shipment.
  • 3) Print the shipping label
    • Once the product has been packed for shipment, click “Print Shipping Label(s) & Ship” to receive the Zazzle pre-paid shipping label. Please ensure you use this shipping label and not one generated by another system.

Who handles customer service? Can I contact a customer about their order?

  • During this Alpha phase, we will handle all your customer service. However, there may be times when customers email you directly from your store or product page. If that happens, you may respond to the customer via email. If you are trying to receive clarity on an order, please email makersupport@zazzle.com and we will reach out to the customer on your behalf.

How do Production times work?

  • Production time (aka "Make Time") is the amount of time it takes for you to produce your products before they are shipped to the customer. For each product you upload to Zazzle, we ask for a Production time range that it takes you finish making the item. While the most common Production time on the site is 1 to 3 business days, this varies per industry and product complexity - you know your process best! Keep in mind that many customers come to our site looking to buy gifts or decorations the week of or week before an event, so the shorter you can make your production time, the better.

How is my Production time communicated to my customers?

  • We will show the customer an approximate arrival date for their order based upon the Production time range that you enter. We will use the longer time you enter in your range to calculate the arrival date to the customer. Our system knows when Holidays and weekends are, so we'll adapt your Production time to exclude any Holidays or weekend days near the order date. If you work weekends and would like weekend days to be counted as working days, let us know and we can set up your production time to fit your schedule.

What is the maximum Production time Zazzle allows?

  • The maximum production time currently allowed is 21 business days (or one calendar month), however, if your product requires more email us at makersupport@zazzle.com to discuss your needs.

I'm going on vacation and would like to temporarily pause my store. What should I do?

  • During our Alpha phase, to temporarily pause your activity on Zazzle while you soak up the sun or hit the slopes, you can use our Out of Stock feature to deactivate checkout on your products. To do this, navigate to the Products section of your dashboard, click the drop down to the right of each product and click Mark option(s) out of stock. You will be taken to a page where you can out of stock all options of your product. For assistance out of stocking your product lines, please email makersupport@zazzle.com

Is there a way to charge more for Rush production?

  • If you have a Rush service you'd like to offer on Zazzle, we'd love to hear from you! Please let us know by emailing makersupport@zazzle.com with the details of your offering.

I have a Designer store in addition to my Maker store. Can I see my Designer sales through this dashboard?

  • To see your Designer sales, login to Zazzle.com to see your Designer sales. The Maker dashboard will only show the sales of physical products that you made-to-order for your customers.

Can I send proofs to customers?

  • Our goal is to build a system to simplify the customization process and require as little back and forth with your customers as possible. If completing the order absolutely requires that you confirm a proof with the customer, you may contact makersupport@zazzle.com to coordinate.

Can I download my orders in bulk? 

  • If you are in need of bulk orders processing tools, contact us about Enterprise solutions at makersupport@zazzle.com. Congratulations on your success!

Why was my order cancelled?

  • We give customers the ability to cancel their order within 1 hour. An email notification will be sent to you to make sure don't produce the order. Order cancellations are rare, but in the event that it does happen please acknowledge the cancellation in your Order dashboard. We will automatically refund the customer. No need to worry about issuing refunds.

How do I cancel an order?

  • If you cannot produce an order on a live product because of an extenuating circumstance, please email makersupport@zazzle.com immediately so we can process the cancellation with the customer on your behalf.

I received an order with no text input. Does my customer really want this?

  • Our site has advanced features to double check the customer's customization selections. If you have received an order with no text embellishment, the customer has confirmed this selection and that this is what they would like to purchase.