Storefront FAQ - Makers

How do I create my Maker Storefront?

  • Maker Storefronts are the portal for customers to learn about your products and process on You can create and update your Storefront on by logging into our main site with your Maker credentials. From there you will have the ability to add descriptions, photos, and social media links for customers to learn more about your brand. From your Maker Dashboard, navigate to the "Storefront" link in the left-hand side bar and click the button to get started filling out your Storefront.

I want to change my Storefront title? How can I do this?

  • Storefront titles can be changed easily by sending a request to our Maker Support team.

How do I change my login credentials?

  • You can easily change your login info on the Users & Login page. To update your email click on the update link and type in the new email you'd like to use as your login. You will receive an email verification link in your inbox to the new requested login email. Once verified, we will store your new email as the login for your account. Your password can be changed easily from this page as well.