Shipping FAQ - Makers

How does shipping work? Do you provide the labels?

  • Zazzle's focus is to provide the best possible experience to our customers, providing insured packages and ensuring that they receive a tracking number for every single order. Because of this, we pay for and offer you free, print-ready shipping labels to print and adhere to your packages. Zazzle will set the shipping price and charge the customer based on the weight and the dimensions you provide when you set up your product. You must use the shipping labels we provide to ship your package. These labels will have a tracking number that we send to your customer. Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse you for products that you've shipped out using your own postage. Your product price should not include any shipping costs. You will be responsible for dropping off shipments (or scheduling pickups) to make sure your packages are shipped.

How do I ship?

  • Below are step-by-step instructions on how to best utilize the orders and shipping account we have set up on your behalf.
  • 1. Log into your Maker Dashboard: 
  • 2. Click on the ‘Orders’ tab (upper left).
  • 3. Click on a blue highlighted shipment ID (starting with 143-) in your assigned orders queue.
  • 4. Click ‘Print production sheet’.
    • Production sheets contain instructions for your production staff and should travel along with the order on your production floor as the order is being made.
  • 5. Once the order is made and ready to ship, click ‘Print packing sheet’. 
    • Remember to include the packing sheet in the package—packing sheets display order details and serve as an invoice for the customer.
  • 6. Once the order is finished and ready to ship, generate a shipping label by clicking ‘Print shipping label’.
  • To cancel a shipping label that you’ve created, click ‘Void label’—shipping labels can be voided within 7 days if you have not used the label to ship the package.
  • If you are encountering any technical issues or have questions regarding an order, click ‘Report Problem with Order’ to send us an email. 
  • Please provide the shipment ID along with a detailed description regarding the order in question.
  • To navigate back to the orders menu and check if your product is in queue for shipment, click ‘Return to Dashboard’.
  • IMPORTANT: Be sure print production sheets, packing sheets, shipping labels, and send orders into the shipped state only when they are ready for each respective step in the process. UPS receives a notification once the shipping label is generated, which in turn notifies the customer that their order is being processed. Doing any of these steps prematurely may cause disconnect with turn times and customer expectations.

What shipping providers am I able to use with Zazzle's shipping labels?

  • Zazzle's shipping systems are integrated with UPS and USPS. To give our customers the best possible rates, we calculate which provider offers the cheapest rates for each order depending on the ship from and ship to addresses. When printing each label, you should be prepared to receive either a UPS or a USPS label to ship the order. If you are unable to ship through either of these providers, please let us know.

How should I package my shipments? 

  • Zazzle will provide a Packing Sheet to include in each shipment. This will be available to print out in the Making state of an order. Be sure to include the Packing Sheet on every order, as this is the customer's reference to what they bought! Shipping materials must be compliant with UPS and USPS standards.

What if I want to ship with my own services and not use the shipping labels you provide?

  • All products must be shipped using the free shipping labels we provide. These labels will have a tracking number that we send to the customer. Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse you for products that you've shipped out using your own postage. Zazzle will set the shipping price and charge the customer based on the weight and the dimensions you provide when you set up your product.

What is Zazzle black? Are my products eligible for Zazzle Black?

  • Zazzle Black is a free shipping opt-in subscription service for our customers. The program offers free standard or 2-day shipping for qualifying products. Currently Zazzle Black is not eligible for products sold by Makers. We will plan to offer Makers the option to participate in the Zazzle Black program in the future.

Can I print shipping labels on a Zebra/thermal printer?

  • You should be able to optimize the shipping labels to accommodate your 4x6 zebra printer by following these steps.
  • After calling the shipping label in your maker dashboard and clicking ctrl+p, the printer dialogue box will pop up (see below).
  • Select your printer and click on “preferences”
  • Next the printing preferences dialogue box will appear (see below)
  • Here you can set your printing preferences, size, format etc.
  • Click “OK” once you have the settings optimized to where you want them
  • Note, it may take one or two rounds of testing to get it where you want it

I'm ready to ship, but the weight and dimensions are incorrect. What do I do?

  • Shipping labels are generated based on the dimensions and weight specified in the Package section of uploading your product line. If you find that these dimensions are incorrect after the fact, or if you need to ship the order in a larger box, please contact us with the weight and dimensions of your package to help reissue a new label for you.

How do I reprint a shipping label?

  • If you need to reprint a shipping label, simply void the existing label and click Print Label again.

My order needs to be put in multiple packages but I only have one shipping label, what do I do?

  • If you have received an order that needs to be shipped in multiple boxes, you can click the Print Label button again to retrieve an additional label for each additional package. If the labels still do not meet your needs, please contact us to help in creating the required labels.

What if the customer provided a bad address? 

  • We validate all customer addresses upon checkout, so you should not receive any unvetted customer addresses. That said, in the event that a customer overrides our address verification, if you come across any issues, please contact us with your concerns.

How do I update my ship from address?

  • You can easily update your ship from address in the Shipping & Sales Tax section. Enter your new ship from address and save.