Pricing: Do’s and Don’ts

Set the retail or base price for your product when uploading your product to the Customizer. This is the price that the customer will see. While building the Customizer, you can set additional costs for variations, upgrades and customization options. You can add these additional costs when setting your base retail price.

You will receive 70% of the net sales price, which is the price you set, while the remaining 30% goes to Zazzle. Please note: Any discounts, promotions or coupons will be deducted from Zazzle’s 30%. As such, it’s important not to increase the price of your products on Zazzle from your own website.

The shipping price is automatically calculated by Zazzle based on the weight and dimensions of the average package you specify while uploading the product. It also takes into account geographical locations of the customer and production point.

Additionally, Zazzle will calculate sales tax on any orders that are shipped to states that you direct us to collect sales tax from.