Pricing FAQ - Makers

How should I price my products? 

  • Tell us the base retail price that your customer would see. From there, you can create add-on prices for particular options that the customer chooses to customize their product with. Do not include any optional option costs for add-on customization, sales tax, or shipping to your pricing. Keep in mind that you will receive the remaining portion of the price you set minus Zazzle fees. Please do not price your items higher on Zazzle than you would your own site. Zazzle will automatically add the appropriate shipping price and sales tax price to the customer when they checkout.

Can I create volume discount pricing on my products? 

  • We are working to offer this feature by popular request and it should be available soon! If you would like access to this in the near-term, talk to us about our Enterprise solution by emailing and we can work with you to set this up.

How do I discount my products?

  • Zazzle currently controls all discounting and promotions on the site. If you are looking for your own controls, please let us know - we're always listening.