How Do I Create a Design Suitable for Zazzle Embroidery?

Here is a general list of things to consider.

Do use:

  • Zazzle Embroidery fonts
  • Line art
  • Lines 4 points or wider
  • Crisp outlines (thick outlines are better than thin outlines)
  • Colors from the Embroidery Thread Palette
  • Solid colors
  • Minimal background, cropped to your design
  • Smooth edges
  • 150ppi or greater

Do not use:

  • Complex fills (ex: pattern fills)
  • Fine details
  • Transparency
  • Photography or photorealistic images
  • Areas of color smaller than .25" by .25" or multiple colors in small areas
  • Lines narrower than 2 points
  • Gradients

For more specifics on designing for Zazzle Embroidery, and to review the Zazzle Embroidery Thread Palette, see the Zazzle Embroidery Design Guide.