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    5 Tips for Creating Great Products

    Zazzle has hundreds of customizable products and each calls for different design shapes and sizes. There are several things you can do to ensure that your designs fit properly on your products, and we’ve compiled a few tips on how to do exactly that. Take a look at a few of the design tool functions that can help you optimize your designs!

    #1. Make sure your design is not covered by the product shape.

    Double-check the placement of your design when you are adding it to your product(s) to see that it’s not covered by the shape of the product. You can use different functions like fit and fill and arrow key to manipulate your design to where you want it to be or if you are using mobile, you can drag the image and stretch or shrink the image by zooming in or out when it is selected. Check out our Design for the Product blog post to see great examples of designs that fit well with products.






    Panda2.png Panda1.png

    #2. Make sure your image fits within the safe print area.

    Review your safe print areas by clicking on the “Guidelines” icon, located in the top line of the design tool. Make certain your design fits within the green dotted line, also known as the safe line. Any part of the image that does not fit into this area might be cut off when printed on the product, so always check to see that your image stays within the lines.





    #3. Don’t leave unwanted white space on your product.

    Leaving white space on a product might make the design look half-finished. Try using the “fill” function to or you can also add a background color to make the design look more complete. If you are using mobile, you can drag the image and stretch or shrink the image by zooming in or out when it is selected to fill the remaining space.






    Phone_Image_Small_Mobile.png Phone_Image_Large_Mobile.png

    #4. Review your design on all styles available for the product. 

    Take a look at all of the styles options of the product that you are designing, and make certain that your image fits and looks good on all of them. For example, for a phone case, you can view the ‘Device Type’ under the ‘Style Options’ menu and see how your design fits for each one.






    Iphone_11_Max.png Samsung_S8.png

    #5. Do not ignore the message about your image coming out blurry or pixelated.

    No one wants their designs to come out blurry and that’s why we recommend using the highest resolution possible for your images and designs – preferably 300 dpi or higher. If you don’t have a high-resolution image, then you can try to use the size image that you have, but don’t ignore the warning of your image size being too small because you wouldn’t want your design to come out pixelated or unclear for your customers.