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    Zazzle Connections

    You can now import contacts from your phone to your Zazzle connections, using the Zazzle mobile app.


    Step 1

    Sign into the Zazzle app

    Step 2

    Go to your account by selecting the menu Icon for Android or Profile Icon for IOS at the bottom right of your screen.

    You then select the connections section.

    Profile_A2.jpg Zazzle_App_IPhone2.png


    Step 3

    For Android you just need to select the add connection icon at the top right of your screen and you then select ‘Import from phone contacts’.
    With IOS you just need to select 'Import contacts' .

    Import_Contacts3.jpg Zazzle_Connections_Import2.png


    Step 4

    When your contacts are loaded, you can then select which contacts you want to import to your Zazzle connections.

    Select_Contacts2.jpg Import_Contacts_IOS2.png