What information do I need to start uploading products?

Before uploading your products you will need the following information:

  • You will need the title of your product.
  • To make your product visible on the Zazzle website, you will need images of your product or products. Multiple images of your product from a few different angles are desirable. The minimum size format for your image is 1024x1024. Please note that this is the minimum size that can be uploaded, but higher quality images are recommended. In regards to image formats, we prefer JPGs but can also accept PNG files.
  • If you wish to provide product options and attributes for customers, you must provide photo examples of all the variations of materials, colors, fonts, threads, etc. that you offer.
  • You will need to write product descriptions to highlight the features and design options of the product.
  • Include all the technical specifications of your product such as dimensions, weight, compliance etc.
  • Shipping details are also required. The weight and dimensions of the average package are essential for calculating the lowest possible shipping costs for customers.
  • You will also need to submit the base retail price of the product and any additional pricing for the custom options, variations or upgrades available.
  • Pick relevant and prevalent tags/keywords as they are essential for your product’s visibility through Zazzle’s search function.