A customer has sent their order back to me. What do I do?

If you receive a returned order, please check these two things:

  1. Was the order shipped back to you by the customer?
  2. Was the package returned back to you by the shipping carrier as undeliverable?

Customer returns:

  • If an order is returned by the customer, the Maker will need to contact Zazzle to confirm whether the customer wishes to have a refund or a replacement. Email makersupport@zazzle.com with the Order ID and the Package ID of the product in question. Zazzle will then reach out the customer on your behalf.

Carrier returns:

  • In the case an order is returned to you by the shipping carrier, the first step is to verify that the shipping address is correct. If the address on the package matches the order ‘Ship to’ information, please email Maker Support with the Order ID and we will investigate this for you