I received a notification that I have an order! What do I do now?

Congratulations! Follow these steps to manage your order:

First, you’ll need to access your Maker Dashboard here and select the ‘Orders’ tab from the left side panel.

You’ll see your new order highlighted in blue and the package ID (beginning with 25000-) in your assigned orders queue. Your next step is to select ‘Print Production Sheet & Start Making.’ Production sheets contain instructions about the order and should accompany the order at every stage of manufacturing.

Once manufacturing is complete, and the order is ready to be shipped to the customer, click ‘Print Packing Sheet & Ready to Ship’. The packing sheet is important as it acts as an invoice for the customer and provides the details of the order.

Your final step is to generate a shipping label by clicking ‘Print Shipping Label(s) & Ship.’ Navigate back to your order’s menu if you want to check if your product has successfully been queued for shipment by selecting ‘Return to Dashboard.’

If you’re having any technical trouble at any point during the process, or if you have a question about your order you can reach out to us by clicking ‘Report Problem With Order.’ Please provide us with the related package ID, the number beginning with 25000-, and a detailed description of the issue.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to print production sheets, packing sheets, shipping labels, and send orders into the shipped state only when they are ready for each respective step in the process. The shipping carrier will receive a notification once the shipping label is generated, which in turn notifies the customer that their order is being processed. Doing any of these steps prematurely will cause a disconnect with turn times and customer expectations.