What are ‘Customizable Spots’ and how do I make the most of them?

‘Customizable Spots’ are used to point out what parts or attributes of your product can be customized by the customer.

In the example below, you can see that there variations in the color of the thread. When the customer hovers over the option, a line is projected to the ‘Customizable Spot’, the thread on the Kimono.


This allows customers to understand exactly what they’re changing. Any choices or options that can be made for the product should be included, like colors, styles, personalization, and text.

Additionally, you can add rectangular or circular image areas that can be customized by the customer.  The t-shirt below has a rectangular image area set as a Customizable Spot.


Please note: You must include the exact sizing required in inches or millimeters. Image areas allow us to deliver formatted artwork files for your specific manufacturing needs so you don’t need to worry about customer artwork. The customer will see the limits of customization and the template area in the upload tool seen below.