I have several products that are very similar? Do I create a new Customizer for each, or is there an easier way to duplicate those?

If you’ve already created a Customizer that has more than one customization spot option (e.g. several styles, sizes, colors, etc.), you can add the individual products that showcase each combination of these options by selecting ‘Add a New Product’ on that Customizer.


To duplicate a product Customizer, go to the Customizers tab on your Maker account. You can find it here. Click the down arrow found on the right-hand side of the screen. This will bring a pop-up menu where you can select Clone Customizer.


Simply provide a unique Product ID and the duplicate Customizer will be generated.

These methods will allow you to add your products without taking as much time or work as creating the original. For both methods, you will need to be signed into your Maker Account here.