Can I set my own return and refund policy?

No, at this time it is not possible for a Maker to set their own return and refund policy. All refunds and returns are in accordance with Zazzle’s 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee policy.

  • In the case where the customer requests a refund within the first 30 days, Zazzle will refund the customer and deduct the returns from the Maker. Likewise, in accordance with the Maker Agreement, the Maker agrees to handle any product returned by the customer.
  • In the event an order does not ship within the Maker specified production time, Zazzle may expedite the shipping method of the product and the Maker shall reimburse Zazzle for the increased cost of shipping.
  • In instances where the customer requests a reprint of their Zazzle order, a reprint request will appear in the Orders section of your dashboard. The cost of the remake will be borne by the Maker.

Please view the Maker Agreement for further explanation of these Terms and Conditions.