Make Your Tags Count

The importance of keyword tags cannot be stressed enough! They are essential for two reasons - to help increase your ranking and visibility in search engines and, most importantly, to help customers find your products in the Zazzle marketplace. To achieve the best of both worlds, use good and relevant tags for your products. The maximum number of tags allowed for each of your products is ten, with the first tag being the most important. Don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry, below are some Do’s and Don’ts to help you find and optimize your tags for your product brand.

The Do’s:

  • Check out what keyword tags have been used on similar stores and products. These can be easily found simply by scrolling to the bottom of the product page and looking under the header ‘Tags.’ Use these as guidance when deciding on which keywords to use.
  • Tags are one of the most important parts of posting a product online, therefore they need to be relevant. Research relevant keywords and tags with Google product searches and keyword searches. Pinterest is also a good source for finding popular and relevant tags for products.
  • Think like a customer and imagine what search terms they will use to search for your product.
  • Include appropriate variations of word spellings and phrases. Example: ‘color’ and colours,’ ‘grey’ and gray,’ ‘jewellery’ and ‘jewelry.’
  • Mirror key terms used in your product title by including them in your tags.
  • Add relevant colors as tags only if they are likely to be a key factor in a customer’s search and decision-making.
  • Use keywords or phrases that are descriptive and specific to your design. Be as specific as you can; detail your product.

Key points to thinking about when deciding tags:

o Type of product: clock, glass, mug

o How did you create your product: handmade, printed, engraved

o Theme or topic of the product: rustic, vintage, retro

o Materials used in the product: leather, wood, nylon

o Primary colors and patterns: blue, red, chevron, checkered, striped

The Don’ts:

  • Do not use plural variations of tags. For example: ‘flower’ and ‘flowers.’ Zazzle will automatically see these search terms as the same term, so you can choose one and your customer will be able to find your product using either term.
  • In order to try and boost your marketplace results, do not use irrelevant tags, or keyword, that has nothing to do with your product. This is considered tag spam and can make your designs and products appear in the wrong search results, making customers less likely to find and buy your designs and products.
  • Don’t add similar keywords in a phrase or jam in keywords as a tag only to increase your search result.
  • Do not use 'custom,' 'personalized,' or other similar keywords for tags that can apply to most of the products in our marketplace. You can still include those words in your product title or description.

Keywords to avoid in tags: gear, custom, create, gifts, presents, gift idea, products, merchandise, personalize, personalized, personalizable, customize, customized, customizable, custom made, customise, customisable, customised, made to order, make your own, personal, personalised, personalise, personalisable, create your own, design your own. As Zazzle’s nature is to be a one-stop-shop for everything customized, these words are redundant and take away from opportunities to describe your product further.