Make Your Storefront Stand Out

Your storefront is the first thing a customer sees when landing on your Zazzle store page. Therefore, you want to make your storefront stand out from the crowd while still being true to your brand. After all, your storefront is an extension for marketing your business and should be easily identifiable by your customers. Here are top tips to make your storefront stand out:


  1.        Your Store Profile Picture and Banner

First impressions are everything when it comes to buying online. In fact, recent studies have shown that on average you have less than three seconds to impress a potential customer before they click off your store. Therefore, you want your banner and profile image to tell the customer who you are and what you sell. The most successful Zazzle store banners are images of one or more product offerings placed in-situ, much like live photography on your product pages. Keep your profile image simple with your brand logo or company name.


  1.        Your Story

This tells your customers who you are and what you do. Share details about the history behind your product offerings, the concept and the making process of your products. In a nutshell, you are telling them what makes your particular product offering so special. Crafting a great product backstory will help you connect more deeply and effectively with customers!


  1.        Keep It Simple

The most successful storefronts are light, simple and clean. Their categories are minimal and to the point. If you have only one type of product, you don’t need to unnecessarily create categories. Instead, fill your storefront with your product offerings in their various sizes and colors.


  1.        Media and Social Media Links

When creating your store, upload any media images and videos. This adds more to your story and visually displays your products in everyday life. Customers love to learn more about the background of a product and how it came to be, so upload a ‘making of’ video if at all possible.

In addition, add links to your other social media platforms, your website and to your Zazzle store page. Also, add links to your social media networks on your store home page. Linking with and liking Zazzle social media platforms helps to promote your brand. For more information on how to build your social media brand, check out our section on ‘How to Build your Social Media Footprint’.